There is no explanation for the enjoyment in using a modern reproduction black powder gun. We have successfully produced and sold worldwide muzzle loading guns for over 40 years
We are proud of the popularity they have reached and fond of the satisfaction of the shooters using them. Our accurately made flintlock and percussion rifles, produced and finished in the traditional way, are an excellent choice for small game hunting and plinking.
Our modern replicas are designed for heavy duty, and they will stand any situation. Just try one and you will find out how great these guns are. After owning an INVESTARM muzzle loader, you will not settle for anything else.

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Light and reliable shotguns. They have been popular for over 40 years in the whole world for their high quality-price relation.
Their design hides a simple and effective firing mechanism that can be taken apart without the need of special tools.

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The use of alloy steel and the heat treatment employed assure remarkable mechanical endurance characteristics and a high superficial hardness.
The woods, selected for their homogeneousness, minimize the recoil effect; additionally, the special checkering and the classical hunting grip allow a perfect holding of the gun.

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Integral frame completely machined from a forged block. Double locking action finished off by hand.
The rifle can be folding or not folding. The folding version has a 56cm barrel length, while the not folding version has a 66cm barrel length.
Barrel is cold hammer forged and the steel 42CrMo4 is hardened and tempered for exceptional strength and durability.
Clean and crisp trigger pull.
Automatic safety.
Fine checkering with a new design.
The rifle is scope ready (scope not included). Calibers available: 6,5x57R, 308 Winchester, 5,6x52R, 243 Winchester, 7x65R, 45-70 Government. Other calibers can be considered on request.

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